Exploring The House of the Universe

Each day, we’re faced with countless choices, Some are more conscious than others; however, they can impact and inadvertently determine the outcome of our lives. Listening to the voice of the heart can lead us down one path, whereas following the mind’s direction will always lead to a different reality.

This journey of choice is one that each of The House of the Universe characters faces during this enchanting experience.

And so, with that in mind, Sandy Aubry, Author of The House of the Universe and Golden Heart Wisdom Ambassador, gets together with Sylvie Olivier, founder of Golden Heart Wisdom, and they dive further into the many different themes that are explored in the novel and that resonate with the very essence of Golden Heart Wisdom. Together, they’ll exchange about Perceptors, and their role in the novel, but also, how they represent the different layers of protection we’ve equipped ourselves with in order to protect ourselves from the outside world and also be loved. They exchange about the world’s infinite abundance and how to access it by discussing the Gritts and their attempt to rob The Bank of the Universe. They’ll talk about William, his heart of gold, and socially awkward ways. They’ll explore Edwin and his reputation as the unofficial school bully and how there needs to be a victim for the bully to thrive. Together, Sandy and Sylvie will explore all sorts of topics that are sure to make your heart vibrate!

You’ll most certainly want to make sure you’ve read the book, and if you haven’t had the chance, these interviews may just pique your curiosity enough to turn those pages!